Here we have the rarest Quartz from Lip in a Mach 2000 case designed by the famous Roger Tallon (factory reference # 43802 with bracelet or 43867 with strap). So simple yet very intriguing with an anodized aluminum horse-shoe case and rubber ball instead of a crown. The Lip company already being one year in bankruptcy approached a whole group of designers in a last attempt to boost sales. The watches were a tremendous success but the company did not survive. Still today the Mach design is copied around the Globe with various remakes launched by the people who bought the Lip brand. The R33 movement has already been reviewed here. A few differences noticed between both movements are on the baseplate such as holes for dial feet, date disc positions and slightly modified hacking pin and stem holding screw.



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Keywords: lip quartz, r32, r33, mach 2000

Market value: 100-450$ (version, condition, box)

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