Lip managed to create only one Quartz movement before formal bankruptcy in 1973. As per Pieter Doensen the R32 calibre was in early prototype mode in 1971 but I doubt that it was near the concept shown here (the R33) as micro stepping-motors were scarce at that time. When Lip resurfaced under new management in 1974 the R32 was finally launched to market as a slightly modified R33. The main differences were applied to the electronic module hence both movements are considered practically identical. The model shown here has a factory reference # 43845 as per the book by Marie-Pia Auschitzky Coustans "Lip, des heures à conter". A few other case designs were available including a Mach2000 by Roger Tallon, nevertheless either of the R32/R33 are very hard to find as limited numbers were made.



The movement construction is very simple with the mechanical parts and electronic module with quartz, micro-chip and trimmer placed on a large pertinax substrate. The stepping motor is that of an early concept and is located within the movement plate. It consists of a large gear with ferrite magnets placed on a disc that is turned by means of a series of four small electro-magnetic coils. This solution is pratically identical to that of the mass-produced Swiss ESA9181 and both are very reliable and easy to service. There was cooperation between ESA and Lip within electric movements so it is possible that know-how was shared also within the Quartz innovations but I'm still looking for some data to prove this.



The R33 requires little repairs if any and was rather designed for exchange of parts. The small electro-magnetic coils do not seem repairable unless some superficial damage can be treated with silver epoxy. Except for a quartz swap the rest of the mechanical movement is durable and was made to last. If I would need to be picky then the calendar assembly would be my first point of concern with a blue plastic gear responsible for kicking the date disc. However after analyzing two different movements neither of the plastic components showed any wear. Note! The stem needs to be removed gently as the castle gear tends to loose contact with the crown wheel as the baseplate cavity is to large. Some components might be interchangeable with mechanical Lip movements so if you are aware of this please share the calibre numbers.


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Market value: 100-450$ (version, condition, box)

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