WWW.WATCHUSEEK.COM Probably the most known watch portal in the World with plenty of individual theme forums. The link to the left will lead you directly to the High-End Quartz (HEQ) part of the portal where you will easily find Rolex OysterQuartz, Omega MegaQuartz and Omega Marine Chronometer (OMC) enthusiasts.

WWW.DWF.NU The Digital Watch Forum was the first joyful gathering of LED and LCD freaks and more. Tons of data, repair hints and opinions sorted in all possible ways. It was established by Tor Kinlok a serious fan of the Synchronar. In late 2006 Ed Cantarella took over and merged the forum with a few other LED websites. In 2012 ownership changed again with Hanno Gollek from Germany redesigning the forum to a New DWF.

WWW.DWF.CC The renegade Confederate Union in the LED World is gathered around this rather European based forum. Many high-end experts are present here however the potential and traffic has not reached the peak period of the Golden Years (approx. 2003-2006) after which the LED community split into two forums. With the change of ownership at and renegades moving to there was a lot of dispute on who was right and who was wrong. Check both forums and judge on your own. Now many of the renegades have returned to DWF.NU under new management.

WWW.THEWATCHFORUM.CO.UK The mainly European (UK) watch forum with plenty of expertease in early electric and electronic watches along with other themes.

WWW.OLDPULSARS.COM The main Pulsar LED watch website in the Universe maintained by Dennis Klein from the USofA. You might still remember Zackarias Holtelius from Goteborg, Sweden who created it back in 1998 or even earlier. The current webmaster is still doing a good job and adding useful data. The website will show you all sales information about all Pulsar LED models produced between 1972–1979 and the prototypes as well.
WWW.LEDWATCHES.NET Until recently the main LED watch website in the Universe (aside both DWFs) created by Guy Ball from California as early as 1998. In February 2007 Ed Cantarella jumped into action to merge the DWF.NU forum with this LED database. The site had tons of information and pictures of nearly every LED watch ever produced. Very helpful and interesting articles by various collectors and their opinions on certain models. This was once a LED site that you could not live without. Now Ed has united this site with the below so all content is moving there.

WWW.THEDIGITALWATCH.COM The online LED watch magazine with tips, articles and some humor. LED sources combined by Ed Cantarella.

WWW.RETROLEDS.COM The home of Ed, his LED watches for sale and some articles. Recently rarely updated.

WWW.DIGITALWATCHES.DE A digital site by Peter from Germany. This man is serious with his work!!! You will get the same opinion after taking a peek at a small fragment of his early LCD and LED watch collection. Very interesting prototypes of early LCD’s with the scattering mode display. All LED lovers will surely admit that LED’s where obsolete already in 1975 after viewing this website. 

MEMBERS.IINET.NET.AU/~FOTOPLOT The ultimate Accutron source in the Web by Rob Berkavicius from Oz/Thailand.

WWW.ELECTRIC-WATCHES.CO.UK The best electric watch website in the Universe maintained by a very helpful "Electrician" Paul from the UK.

WWW.JENSKIRCHHOFF.DE An interesting website similar to my Crazywatches with a range of different watch designs and movements, and untypical calculating machines.

WWW.OPGENOORTH.DE A website by a professional designer Jan Opgenoorth, a collector of cool designer watches. 

WWW.HKNEBEL.ORG/UHREN A more than interesting collection of watches in all sorts of technologies and calculating machines by Horst from Germany.

WWW.THELEDWATCH.COM A nicely designed high-end LED website by Lloyd Harvey from the UK.

LEDWATCH.DE The first German website about LED watches by Juergen Hofstaedter from Germany. Very nice gifs and animated explanation of the LED technology.

RANFFT.DE The ultimate movement archive in the World by Roland Ranfft from Germany. Very useful details that help source alternative or identical calibres from cheaper brands.

WWW.LEDWATCH.NET A useful site by the notorious LED hunter Phil Bowler from the UK. Brand new 1976 Commodore led watches are offered and tips on led watch restoration are presented. Years ago Phil was one of the few brains who had the skills to bring your dead yet beloved Pulsars and Omegas back to life. As he was very addicted to Pulsars you didn't stand a chance once he was bidding on eBay :-) For some reason he hasn't been active in the last few years but his website is still available.

WWW.ENBRO.COM/LEDNET One of the first LED websites by Neil from Canada. Not much happening since 1999 but a few manuals are still present.

WWW.DIGITALWATCHLIBRARY.COM A digital watch resource by Adam with all sorts of digitals but mainly focused on Seiko and Casio LCD's of the 70's and 80's.

WWW.VINTAGEDIGITALWATCHES.COM The ultimate source on vintage 1970-80's Seiko and Casio LCD's including manuals for nearly every Seiko produced. Maintained by Kashif from Pakistan. 

WWW.ANDYDUNN.NAME/WATCHES A wide selection of LCDs by Andy from the UK, includes some LEDs and novelty watches.

WWW.LEDWATCHSTOP.COM A modern LED watches sales website by Troy from Canada. Heaps of cool retro and futuristic LED watches to choose from at affordable prices.

WWW.WATCHISMO.COM A very nice sales website created by Mitch from Brooklyn with all sorts of vintage spacedesign watches and more. A huge and beautiful collection and nice pictures but aside the view for a naked eye, it would be great to also show the movements of the watches for technical enthusiasts. Mitch - buy a book on watch repair and save our poor souls!

WWW.70s-WATCHES.COM A similar trader website by Graham, a cheerful Scotsman based in London. Buy a watch online or you might meet him at Portobello Market.
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