Most Uranus watches are not very cool in terms of design thus they remain collectible mostly due to their rarity and rather more advanced technical quality than the average LED watch. The case on this one is also by Ross USA but it is far cheaper than the 14K GF case used in their first Minicom LED from 1972/73. The bracelet by Admiral is the same style as in most watches from Uranus. The akward thing about Uranus modules is the unusual placement of command buttons that are located farther away from the center setting button what makes it very difficult to source replacement modules.



The module that came with this watch seems all original but it doesn't appear to be an inhouse Uranus invention. The button contacts match perfectly but the concept is most likely outsourced and simply applied to the plastic carrier. The IC on this one is dead and unrepairable but after a long process I managed to find a smart Korean module by Handok. This green 29mm module is so smart that it fits nearly every possible watch case from the 1970's and I just wish I had more of these. The only other Handok module I managed to find is a smaller green ladies module (shown below) that is fitted to a 29mm factory-made black plastic spacer. This spacer has additional button contacts applied inside the plastic that match the button locations at 2 and 3.



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Market value: 50-185$ (condition, box)

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