This is the smallest ladies LED watch from Unitra-Warel and as you have probably noticed it's identical with the typical ladies LED watches sold in the USA as Compuchron or Phasar by Sears.  The circutry looks similar to the larger mens versions but everything including the quartz tube is squeezed onto a small square substrate. The contact and long battery clips are soldered and everything is housed in a flexible rubber carrier. Due to the small size and lack of space the setting buttons have been placed on the caseback what is a smart solution rarely found in electronic watches. As shown below the substrate is pretty small when compared to the two 301/386 batteries placed on both ends of the module.



The size of the substrate allows these modules to be quite easily and successfully used in LED watch repair, especially Pulsars that have the same display size and angle. It is quite easy to build a so called "Frankenstein" by transplanting the small Sanyo substrate onto a P2 or P3 plastic carrier and connecting a few wires to the reed-switches. This requires basic soldering skills and can be performed in less than an hour. Occasionally the Pulsar carrier might need to be modified slightly so that the assembled substrate will fit in a Pulsar case. As the size of the display is identical there is hardly any visible difference between a genuine Pulsar P2/P3 and the "Frankenstein" version, except the lack of a dotted display. Don't be surprised if such ladies watches will sell above 50$...I'm sure that most of them are canibalized :)



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Keywords: unitra warel, unitra led, phasar, sanyo, compuchron

Market value: 25-100$ (model, condition, box)

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