As far as I know Trafalgar was a UK based brand that had watches made by various LED manufacturers. Many of these sell for good money due to sentimental reasons and most models are worth it. The case is chrome plated with steel back and features a standard 29mm diameter module. This one was made by Litronix USA what is easy to tell by the bubble lenses and substrate layout and color. As with all Litronix modules both batteries need to be placed negative side down and must be insulated from the caseback. The module is a ladies size additionally fitted with a smart 29mm plastic spacer that forwards every push on the case buttons which  do not short the module to activate the display.


The original Litronix circuit was dead but I managed to fit the watch  with a standard 29mm National Semiconductor  module on which one battery is placed positive side down and the other upwards. To close the circuit I had to remove the insulation pad from the caseback of the Trafalgar and apply a contact plate (as shown below) so that the batteries would be held in place and additionally connect  the caseback. From now on when a button is depressed it shorts a metal button contact on  the module and activates the display.




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Market value: 50-150$ (model, condition, box)

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