The 2031 is a slightly upgraded version of Tissot's first quartz concept the 2030. Most of these can be found with a 1978 or 1979 serial number but as mentioned in the 2030 review this construction was very outdated for the late 1970's. Legend has it and similarity of some components show that the concept was redeveloped into a successful range of Omega quartz movements such as the 1370 from the 1980's. The popularity of the Tissot 2030/31 watches is greatly associated with Tissot's (partial) sponsorship in the Lotus Formula1 team using black cars with golden John Player Special (JPS) trims. Many of these watches painted black can be found with an F1 logo on the dials but some models without this sign are still considered as such. The F1 line of watches was continued until the early or mid 1980's including ana-digi and LCD.



The 2031 concept is 90% identical with the earlier 2030 with only a few upgrades. The movement was reduced in size and thickness but the concept remained unchanged. The setting lever was improved greatly allowing the crown to be removed easily with a screw. Time-setting works the same way by means of the motor which still requires a complex push&hold crown procedure as described in the 2030 review. The time-zone option is still present with improvements on the double-layer time-zone wheel which had been greatly reduced in size by applying flat alnico (or similar) magnets instead of the thick (black) ferrite type. Compare the double-layer wheel shown in the center of the picture next to the 2030 version on the left (with three ferrite magnets). PS. The optimal battery is a 394 or any other that will do the job. 




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Keywords: tissot f1, seastar quartz, 2031

Market value: 50-150$ (version, condition)


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