Yet another electronic watch with an ESA movement but 9154 calibre. Vintage Technos watches are pretty rare and this Technotron model is very uncommon especially with the original fishbone bracelet... a pure early sign of the 1970's. Technos is a brand only today and somebody in Brazil is mass-producing  watches with the once reputable label.




The 9154 movement is a small improvement in comparison to the earlier 9150 but you can easily retrofit a watch with either of these movement as most parts alone are rather not interchangeable in between both calibres. Pictured right a comparison of the electronic module of a 9150 and 9154 - note the differences including plastic safety tip on the coil which makes it impossible to swap a balance in between these calibres.



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technos electronic, technotron, ESA9154

Market value: 50-150$ (brand, condition, box)

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