The 3050 Quartz Resonator is the first pure quartz watch with stepping motor introduced in the USSR somewhere in 1978 and produced until 1983 (production dates on quartz). The inhouse technology is pretty large thus the size of these watches perfectly corresponds with the massive cosmic/disco style of that era. The size is mainly influenced by the huge (jeweled) stepping motor with four separate coils and permanent magnets that receives impulses from the electronic module. The construction is similar to ESA9181 and can be disassembled by pulling both discs from one another. Be careful as the discs are made of soft aluminum press-fitted onto brass posts. Do not use alcohol to clean the motor as the safety film will dissolve.



Please note the red hacking pin that disconnects a wire on the circuit upon pulling the crown. This solution can usually be found in early versions whereas most only have a plate that hacks the gear train while the motor is still active. The quartz tube is identical 32768Hz as in Soviet LCD and LED watches of the same year and after measurement by Joe Aindow it is clear that Pieter Doensen's database is incorrect in saying that the quartz crystal oscillates with an akward frequency of 9720Hz. The movement can be usually found in this blue tank by Tchaika (Yauka) made for the local market however Raketa or Slava brands were also made for export to brotherhood countries of the East Block.  The genuine stainless steel fishbone bracelet is a nice matching premium in  pure 1970's style. Most Russian watches were never that funky :)


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Keywords: tchaika quartz, raketa quartz

Market value: 50-150$ (version, condition)


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