I was always more than certain that this is a product made by Ricoh Japan as the company very likely still possesed the know-how from when they cooperated with Hamilton (Vantage). Recently I have found pictures on the web where a 1971 Seiko EL-330 had the very same movement. However everything is possible because Seiko, Citizen and Ricoh are conglomerates that widely share their concepts and even own eachother to some extent.



This Japanese movement was fitted into many American private labels (Stellaris, LeGant) and sold by low-end companies such as Sears&Roebuck or Westclox. The movement has a quality appearance but extreme care must be taken not to damage the end wires of the fixed coil. Soldering these is almost impossible as the heat can easily damage the plastic insulation (I can suggest using silver epoxy instead). Hint: All of these watches are opened through the crystal which is usually difficult to remove. Once successfull with the crystal the stem can be removed by pressing a small plate at 4 o'clock.


I'm not an expert on this movement but despite using modern electronic components the contact system still appears to have the old fashioned wires that provide current by physical contact with the balance. Additionally the balance is stopped from rotating upon pulling out the stem which moves a thin wire (hard to see - check picture). 


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Keywords: stellaris, sears, westclox, etc.

Market value: 10-85$ (brand, condition, box)

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