The Audacieuse (Audacious=Invincible) is a 1974 product from Andre LeMarquand which resembles a spaceman helmet just like the Oval Spaceman. The colorful plastic version was intended for young flower-power people whereas the Audacieuse was made in a more classic design to attract the conservative yet fashion-oriented public. It was available with many dial colors and 17j. manual or 25j. selfwinding AS movements. Most have chromed-plated cases although some limited series can be found with black gunmetal or enamel finish with matching dials including real leather. The fancy assymetric leather straps or metal bracelets create a perfect match when fitted to the case. Using any other non-original bracelet disturbs the smooth design and is almost impossible to apply or match. 


The Audacieuse was a very popular designer watch in the 1970's and also sold under many reputable private labels including Zeno, Fortis, Jules Jurgensen, Jupiter, Omax and Catena which produced the watch for LeMarquand. All of these can be considered as high-grade  watches and were successfully marketed as such, however bear in mind that the black caseback is enameled basemetal which will show brassing after years of intensive wear. All stainless steel would be a better idea but designer watches were never made to last forever. PS. This Spaceman (along with the Light version) is my first ever acquisition bought a long, long time ago in April 2002 from Mr. Werner Moser in Switzerland. Never worn and never opened and it will probably remain that way as it has big sentimental value. This bloody watch got me addicted for good ;)


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Keywords: spaceman, catena, le marquand

Market value: 100-650$ (color, condition, leaflet, tags, box)

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