The "7z" Spaceman by Andre LeMarquand was designed for the more conservative public. It is thus less popular than the "Oval" version and also harder to find. Everything is the same aside the lack of the helmet mask and different bezel ring. For some reason the "7z" is usually found in brown color and rarely black versions can be found. These usually have a 25j AS movement with quick-set date by means of pushing the crown.









Genuine vintage Corfam straps are becoming hard to find so you might end up with a matching leather version sold occasionally on eBay in different colors. These are modern remakes and not original despite a logo. They are more flexible than the Corfam version and thus the strap does not curve that nicely on the wrist. Leather straps are a good alternative if you don't have or can't afford the real thing.





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Keywords: spaceman, catena, le marquand

Market value: 100-350$

(color, condition, leaflet, tags, box)

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