SOLSUNO 138 LED 2000

This is an interesting invention - the first LED watch which combines a standard watch dial and a LED display. All together 138 tiny LEDs light up in three circles to show corresponding hours, minutes and seconds which will move around the circle just like a hand moves on an analog watch. The LED display dial shows time only upon pressing the command button that lights up the diodes for 15 seconds. Some versions have a power-hungry blinking feature which can be activated upon demand and shows blinking LEDs constantly (just like the lights of an aircraft on the sky at night). The Solsuno LED was first available in an all titanium version that is now considered vintage and rare. Another early version shown right below has a nice titanium coated all steel case and is also hard to come by.



New designs are constantly produced without any major upgrades to the concept so the module has practically remained unchanged since the year 2000. This has greatly influenced collectibility and value so the Solsuno is now probably the least sought after LED with prices down to barely 50$. Just imagine that it was a must-have watch a decade ago selling easily for 250$ :) Please be aware that the Solsuno watches are very, very large and will look strange even on a medium wrist.




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Keywords: solsuno led, zeon tech

Market value: 25-200$ (model, condition, box)

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