Sicura has always been a junk watch producer until the owner decided to invest by acquiring the rights to the defunct Breitling label in the late 1970's. I guess this is the most known horizontal integration in the watch business... I would call it vertical in terms of quality ;)  This early 1970's Sicura with propeller seconds is probably their most known model with different colors and an akward arrangement on the dial. However the movement is a widely known low-quality pin-lever Baumgartner BFG866 used in classic digitals such as Endura and Lucerne.  Two models were made in chrome and goldplate including an automatic. Many are commonly being advertized as Sicura Breitling which is a disgrace to the genuine vintage Breitling (not  to be associated with the modern marketing label!).



Some cheap no-name brands can also be found with the very same movement and case. Even if they contain only 1 jewel you will notice that most parts are interchangeable making it easier and cheaper to repair the sought-after Sicura. If you experience a common problem with a running movement but without jumping discs you will of course know that the cannon-pinion/friction-wheel is loose. I was however surprised to find out that this friction-wheel is not located on the center wheel and not even under the dial! It turned out that the friction-wheel is located on top of the mainspring barrel and press fitted together not leaving many options to get it disconnected (without damage) and tightened. A firm punch with a suitable staking set would be my best guess but so far I have not bothered.


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Keywords: sicura, jump hour

Market value: 25-200$ (version, movement, condition)

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