SEIKO ELNIX 0703A 1974


The Seiko Elnix with 07 calibre is the most advanced and last transistorized electric from this Japanese company.  The build of this calibre is almost identical to the ESA9150 series with fixed coil and permanent magnets on the balance assembly.





Elnix watches were available in classic round or pimp style designs but this one shows pure disco style of the 1970's that can be proudly worn even today. The thick glass crystal is faceted and the dial has a spiral pattern with Elnix logo. All these features together make this Elnix exceptional and it will surely stay in my collection for decades (thanks Paul :)

Elnix watches are easy to find on Japanese auctions so try and browse with a website translator such as This version is NOS with very comfy bracelet and complete set of papers, price tag, inner box and outside sleeve. One of a kind :)




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Market value: 50-500$ (model, condition, box)

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