The largest retail chain in the USA - Sears & Roebuck - entered the digital watch market around 1975 by subcontracting various models to leading watch manufacturers. The most common is the Phasar 2000 brand usually found with Hughes Aircraft modules in the mens line of watches and small Sanyo modules in ladies watches. This magnet-set LED is probably the first they ever marketed before switching to cheaper alternatives. Sears LED watches with magnet setting are quite collectible and incorrectly sold as Pulsars. They utilize nearly identical modules as the 1975 P4 Pulsar series but the modules are 100% Sanyo made in Japan. P4 circuitry was also made by Sanyo for Pulsar but they were assembled in the USA.



Pictured below are both a ladies Pulsar 103 module and the Sanyo that used slightly cheaper components and black plastic carrier in comparison to fibreglass on Pulsars. Despite these slight differences Sanyo modules can easily be used in Pulsar watches. A slightly larger version of the Sears LED was also made for men and used a 104 type module with larger display, identical as the one used in the Pulsar Dress.





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Market value: 45-150$ (model, condition, box)

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