Very likely the only Electric series from the East Block by the East German UMF Ruhla factory. Ruhla watches were always cheap pinlever throw-aways however this UMF 25 calibre presents pure quality and high jewel quantity (although at least 2-3 jewels have no mechanical function). The concept was pretty much outdated in the mid 1960's but still Ruhla electrics were watches for the notable and wealthy members of the ruling party. Foreign hard currency was always welcome in the East Block and surprisingly these watches were exported to the Evil West and sold under private labels (Champion, Services, etc.).



As shown... the movement is clearly a clever copy of Hamiltons 505 with some improvements or rather shortcuts. The balance with moving coil (2.7kOhm) is a poor solution with the thin copper wires hanging freely and soldered directly to the balance and the contact pin... not even a drop of glue to make it more durable.  Sparking occurs in the same way as in the Hamilton thus contacts might require thorough cleaning to improve connectivity. 



Ruhla watches have become very collectable in Germany nowadays and such rare electrics especially with Ruhla on the dial can reach extremely high prices. Bear this in mind when starting a sale as you might get double if you list your watch on :)







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ruhla electric, champion, services

Market value: 30-300$ (brand, condition, box)

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