Watches from Ruhla of GDR (German Democratic Republic or East Germany in short)  were never considered as quality products. Their first quartz watch calibre 28 is no exception and clearly a quick workaround as it was based on the bottom-shelf non-jeweled pin-lever 24 calibre fitted to many Ruhla jump hours. Early series appeared in 1972 but  full production began in 1977. Fortunately enough a much more reliable and quality calibre 14 appeared already in 1978 (similar to Junghans 667).



As shown, the mechanical movement is very plain and has a akward looking stepping-motor with exposed coil. If your watch is slow it will either be the quartz crystal or the non-lubricated movement that needs attention. Sometimes the center seconds pinion has to much pressure from the safety spring fixed onto the top plate and will affect time-keeping. An export version can be found with the Karex brand.


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Market value: 10$-50$ (model, condition)


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