This cool sports chronograph by Roamer for some reason has been named 'Stingray'. It doesn't look like a fish but has sharp-tipped hands that resemble harpoons. The trident on the black matt dial with applied Roamer logo would indicate that this is a diver watch but I wouldn't be that brave to try it out even in a glass of water. The top bezel with rotating diving ring is press fitted onto the caseback with pushers and crown. The case is quite easy to pry open hence I'm skeptical on how much waterproof it is despite the fact that the caseback is engraved 400ft=120m. 



Like most chronographs from the 1970's the 'Stingray' is fitted with the reliable Swiss calibre Valjoux 7734. It has a nice finish and is engraved with the company logo which I believe should be the minimum effort of any watch producer. On the other hand hardly any watch user gets the opportunity to look inside the why bother? Fortunately the case is also machined to high standard so you really get a quality watch for your money. The reasonable price for this watch is approx. 500$ however some enthusiasts don't feel intimidated paying 800$ and up. Some sellers have been unsuccessfully trying to sell these for years for 1500$ :)



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Keywords: roamer stingray, valjoux 7734

Market value: 350-1200$ (condition, box)

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