The 3056 calibre is the second pure quartz movement from the USSR clearly derived from the earlier 3050. These model numbers are one big guess as the 3056 has absolutely nothing in common with the electrobalanced 3055. The stepping motor is just a minor modification of the 3050 but the electronics have been squeezed in the case in a smarter format. A later version 3056A (last pic) was also produced which had the coil removed from the motor what allowed to decrease production and also repair costs.



This diver style watch by Raketa is one of the rarer top shelf models although I would never try it in a glass of water :) The same calibre was fitted into a whole bunch of plain Soviet quartz watches. Later calibres were made in a similar format but decreased in size step by step until the late 80's and afterwards produced unchanged until the end of  1990's even after Communism ended in Russia.



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Market value: 15$-85$ (model, condition)

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