The "Greenie" is the only green display LED watch from Pulsar fairly identical with the red "Dress". It has the same case and bracelet with two small differences - the green crystal is thinner and flush with the case and the caseback is thicker to accomodate thicker 357 cells. The green diode technology was expensive to develop and is also more power-hungry thus the thinner 386 batteries would prove unsuitable in the long term. All P4-series modules were made by Sanyo for Pulsar so the "Greenie" has the typical slightly angled large digit segment display found in many Chronosonics. Such displays are far nicer than the thin diodes found in all US-assembled P4's so it's a mystery why Pulsar discarded them for common use.



As shown below both red and green modules are fairly identical and display transplants are possible between a dead green module and a working red piece with busted display. A far easier approach towards repairing a "Greenie" is finding a Japanese Sanyo or Chronosonic that were fitted with the same green circuitry but mounted on a larger plastic carrier. These were also made in limited quantities and sell for 300-500$ so repairs are far from cheap. A huge premium when buying a "Greenie" is the original Swiss brown box (with white cardboard outer box) that greatly contrasts and compliments the green display.




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Keywords: pulsar led, pulsar dress, time computer, greenie

Market value: 600-1200$ (condition, box)

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