"Trip the light fantastic" is the strange motto of the Pimp LED watch, a limited Japanese invention introduced to the market around 2003 what makes it vintage in a way ;) It was available in stainless steel, goldplate or black coated cases - showing the time at the press of a button with colorful diodes. With 72 LEDs this watch shows hours in the first column and minutes in 12 rows (5 minutes each). Despite being so cosmic and cool the inventors might have added some additional features like date or seconds. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of some kind of mask (like in the Citizen LED) to prevent the light of the diodes from interfering with each other. This results in the colors getting mixed making the time perfectly visible only at night thus it is rather a "disco night fever" gadget and not a watch for day time.



The watch is large but looks quite well on the wrist. The black coating is a disappointment because it is not  durable like ceramic and wears out easily. The Pimp has not become very collectible just like the Solsuno because the concept was applied to many similar designs that are continously produced until today with slight modifications thus the watch can hardly be called rare and one of a kind.






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Market value: 25-120$ (condition, box)

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