This transistional Orient Quartz is hard to find amongst hundreds of mass models with plain plastic movements. We experience the same thing when searching for early Seiko quartz watches. In most cases you can only identify the movement by the quartz logo at 6 on the dial (but this is not the rule) or by observing the numbers on the caseback that are also repeated in micro font on the bottom of the dial. The calibre appears to be 52(9) although the green plastic indicates 52850 which must be the model number as it varies on other similar movements I have seen on the web. The production year of 1975 is just a guestimate as there is no serial number identification or detailed history available about Orient quartz watches.



The construction of the movement is clean and well organized as expected from a reputable Japanese watch company. However in terms of design it is not at all similar to Seiko Quartz although both companies have been commercially related and did cooperate in many fields of research. Orient watches were most likely (by default) made as cheaper alternatives of Seiko but this did not prevent the designers from making a quality watch. The electronic circuit is easily removed by means of 4 screws and should be interchangeable with similar movements despite having different coding. The mechanical gear train underneath hardly ever breaks and has 9 jewels and a tiny magnetic rotor. In case of repairs I'd focus on the quartz and coil as the chip package is sealed shut and non-repairable.


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Market value: 15-100$ (condition, box)

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