This is the second type of the last Omega LEDs from 1975 with Frontier module 1603 displaying alphanumeric day of week. Frontier circuits were built on a typical 29mm plastic carrier that was a market standard. Their own inhouse microchips signed "Fr" were secured permanently with silicone thus missing display segments can not be repaired.  This Constellation LED is the rather classy dress type with two product codes inside the caseback 196.0048/396.0836. The bezel design of this model is similar to the earlier TC2 in steel with a polished display frame but this one has the frame applied with glue making any restoration easier. The steel bracelet marked 1250/200 is a perfect match with tight fit and can also be found on the Omega Constellation LCD 1620 Chronograph which is also identical in terms of case shape.



Frontier USA made identical modules in a few upgraded versions that were marked Fr-2001, 2002, 2003 and fitted to dozens of no-name watches. The ones applied to Omega and Hamilton had upgraded plastic carriers  with screwed-on battery clamps. A comparison of a no-name and Omega/Hamilton carrier is shown below. The only other difference between the mass-market and Omega modules was the quartz crystal signed SSIH. A generic quartz tube works fine however the SSIH type has higher specs. You can easily repair an Omega with a Frontier no-name module but only the ceramic substrate will need to be transplanted and the original plastic chassis reused.



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Market value: 250-850$ (condition, box)

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