Well.... there is not much information available about this white-goldfilled version but it's bloody rare and impossible to find. The so-called "single-lug" case is similar to the limited 18K solid-gold design. The case is shorter than an ordinary TC1 and fitted with a strap. The shape of the case has only 1 "link" on each side as opposed to 2 "links" on the standard version with bracelet as compared below. The shark-skin strap of 24mm has a magnet-compartment and is based on a common foldable clasp No.27 (Ref.1208) fitted to many Omega models in the 1970's including the Dynamic series.





This piece has been acquired from the original Swiss owner and I dare to say that it is a limited European version as I have only ever seen two other. The module is the same Pulsar technology as always and also the case-back is identical but with a different reference number 196.0017 (compared to 0020 in the longer yellow version). Both contain French phrases and were made by Star Watch Case Company for the European market.





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omega digital, omega time computer

Market value: 500-1500$ (condition, box)

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