This is an early example of the first inhouse Quartz by Omega the 1310 calibre. Not only does the serial number 35880052 indicate a very early 1972 year but also the dial is signed with the MegaQuartz "32KHz" branding that was abandoned shortly after. In 1972/73 the 1510/11 true 2.4MHz MegaQuartz was just being launched thus  the "MQ" and "KHz" phrases on the 1310 with standard 32.768Hz frequency clearly indicates a large marketing influence to try and market two totally different watches with one slogan. Both 1310 and 1510 calibres present two opposite ends on the pricing scale so this approach was probably not very successful as the "MQ" and "32KHz" was quickly replaced with standard "Quartz". 



An analysis of the complete modular movement can be found in my earlier reviews so let's just focus on the motor assembly. The movement top plate and two gears need to be removed first before the motor can be pulled out. Extreme safety must be applied to prevent even the slightest accidental scratch to the exposed wires of the coil which is affixed with light glue to a plastic post and with both ends soldered to a pair of contact plates. The coil is removed with caution by sliding a rod in the center to one side. If an end of the coil wire is broken you can easily unwind a few mm's, remove the non-conductive enamel from the tips, check resistance of approx. 2.4kOhms and solder anew to the contacts. The rest of the motor assembly is simply mounted with two screws and consists of two terminals with a tiny magnetic propeller with worm-gear.


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Keywords: omega megaquartz, 32KHz

Market value: 100-400-800$ (Constellation, Seamaster, condition, box)

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