The ElectroQuartz 1301 is the second generation of the Beta21 with cosmetical upgrades only so you can read all details in the 1300 section (btw. pulling out the crown does not disconnect the circuit so Omega suggests to store it running!) The battery was changed from 357 to 386 what allowed to decrease the thickness of the case and additionally the electronic module evolved as work progressed with the Quartz revolution. All parts can be swapped in between the 1300 and 1301 with one exception - the date disc which  is printed slightly off-center. To make swaps easier you can quickly remove 4 screws (check pic) and exchange the entire date assembly in between a 1300 and 1301. A rare 1302 without seconds or date was also produced!



The electronic module evolved during the years and basicly 4 types can be distinguished - the first 2 have huge 8192Hz quartz tubes similar to the Ultra-Quartz. The 1st generation (huge hexagonal trimmer) and 2nd (big round trimmer) are the only mentioned in Omegas technical manual. The following 3rd and 4th  generations must be official replacements from the late 70's/early 80's when microchips became common and cheap. It must have been easier to develop such replacements than to disappoint the owners of expensive solid gold Beta21's including Patek, IWC, etc. The 3rd generation has a middle-sized 32.768Hz quartz used in many Swiss watches from 1975/76. The last 4th generation has a surface mounted and wirebonded chip timed by a tiny tuning-fork 32.768Hz quartz supported by two transistors.



Shown left is the gear train of the Beta21 with the index wheel in the upper left corner. During assembly it is suggested to "park" a centering wire for the sweep seconds pinion on a rest pin (check pic below). Once all gears and pinions are closed in place with the top plate apply the wire onto the plastic rim in the pinion. Hint: If you by any chance get hold of a Beta21 on which the hands are difficult to set I can suggest to check the setting assembly. Sometimes the post (on the main movement plate), on which the setting/crown gear is placed, shows wear and needs to be throughly greased - check picture with a perfect condition setting assembly. Another issue might be lack of servicing/greasing of the biggest wheel in the gear train - the "friction wheel" in the Beta21 acts like a cannon pinion in mechanical watches.


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Market value: 250-900$ (silver version, condition, box)

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