This Solar LED is a rare design that is highly sought after due to the cool angled screen and the solar-charge panels that were utilized only by a handful of LED producers.  Sourcing this watch is a challenge however it can be found with various brands of which the most known is the Swiss watch manufacturer Nepro. Overall the Alfatronic is nice but in technical terms it's a poor-mans LED that contains a cheapo module by Litronix. Although this highly advanced semi-conductor manufacturer created the best LED displays fitted to Pulsars it somehow decided to acquire a piece of the LED market by offering the simplest technology possible targeted for economy customers. Litronix modules have low quality displays with bubble lenses that present low visibility at an angle thus the term "Drivers" watch is hardly the proper word.


The Litronix module is permanently mounted to the watch case with two wires soldered to the solar panel. If the wires are broken then removing the panel for repairs might be a challenge as the top glass crystal is affixed with glue and can not be pushed from the inside of the case. On the other hand swapping the module is fairly easy although I have not made any attempts but I'm more than certain that a generic Litronix module can be easily sourced for repair purposes as long as the button locations match the case. This Solar watch should be equipped with two rechargeable accu-cells to make use of the solar panel but sourcing the proper type of cells might be difficult.  It will also work with ordinary 301/386 batteries but using standard batteries is not suggested as such batteries might explode or leak if exposed to a charge.



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Keywords: nepro led, nepro solar, alfatronic, sideview, drivers led

Market value: 75-250$ (condition, box)

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