This is a later generation probably 1974 Nepro/Microma LCD with a Field Effect display. These FE watches were far more reliable and many are still found in good working order however this piece has the display shot black and is unrepairable. You might think that the display should work due to the visible digits unfortunately they have been permanently burned out  due to a possible high voltage short in the circuitry that has caused the digits to stay there forever.





The circuitry was totally reworked and fixed with screws making assembly and especially disassembly a whole lot easier although the layout still appears to be a bit overengineered. The display is mounted with silver epoxy in the same manner as the DSM type and can be quite easy removed and swapped with a good one if available in the future.



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Keywords: microma, nepro,

dsm lcd, liquid crystal quartz

Market value:

100-300$ (version, condition, box)

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