The Majestyk II is a one of a kind LED watch developed from scratch by a reputable Canadian collector Jeff "majestyk" Lockhart. The production was outsourced to knowledgeable experts in the People's Republic of China and the watch hit the market around 2006. The first model "I" was identical with the "II" pictured here but had a jump-hour style (red or blue) dial with window for the LED display. The quality is excellent considering the affordable price of 80-120$ (new) and it was ranked as the best modern LED watch a few years back amongst digital watch enthusiasts. The stainless case is heavy and looks chunky on the wrist with approx. 45mm width. The steel bracelet is perfectly matched and is very comfortable.



Despite obvious similarities of the Majestyk with the 1975 Wittnauer Polara 125 the reworked design is impressive in every detail. The only drawback IMO is the glass crystal which is not red mineral or plexi. To cut costs it has been simply painted translucent red from the inside thus some precaution is necessary when cleaning the crystal from the inside. The module is also Chinese but was made exclusively for this watch despite being assembled from common parts such as the display that is soldered with pins to the substrate. The top of the module is covered with a red translucent filter to mask the white LED segments when not being lit. 




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Market value: 25-120$ (condition, box)

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