Vintage design rarely becomes obsolete and this is very true for the Mach 2000 series designed by Roger Tallon for Lip of France. This mechanical chronograph along with a dozen other models was issued in the mid-70's shortly after it filed for bankruptcy and got reborn under new management. The design is so good that re-issued editions were again sold in the 80's and also nowadays. Unfortunately the modern versions are cheap quartz remakes made in China by the MGH company that bought the rights to the Lip brand from the previous investor Jean-Claude Sensemat.




The Mach 2000 features a Swiss Valjoux 7734 calibre fitted to a black coated case with ball-shaped pushers. The coating on the case appears to be gun-metal however care must be applied when prying open the snap-fit caseback as the finish is not that durable as you might expect. Believe it or not but the color of the buttons easily determines the price. The version with yellow, blue and red balls sells for 10-20% more than this model.




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Keywords: lip mach 2000, roger tallon, valjoux 7734

Market value: 650-1200$ (strap, button color, condition, box)

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