Junghans is considered a relic in Germany and undisputable leader in the watch industry. Their Ato-Chron from 1967 was Germany's first transistorized electric wristwatch based on the ATO concept. Unlike ESA, Junghans was already experienced in electric clocks after taking over another German company HAU in 1930 who earlier acquired the ATO licence. Pictured here we have the Dato-Chron with date from 1970. Everything else in the movement is identical with the Ato-Chron so it's somewhat strange that they waited 3 years to add a simple date. Most Ato-Chrons show clearly plain 1960's designs but this model of the date version can be considered as slightly space-designish.


The movement is fairly simple with the same concept as the ESA Dynotrons with a smart difference of securing the electronics with a plastic cover for added protection. Junghans labelled watches sell higher in Germany but the same thing was exported to the US and Switzerland as Mathey-Tissot, Sheffield or Elgin 105 Electronic (not to be associated with American Elgin that went bankrupt). Some perfect Soviet copies of the Ato-Chron can be found as Tegrov or Luch 3045 but not much is known about them, perhaps the outdated license was sold to the USSR in the mid 70's. The technology was used by the Russians to create their unusual semi-quartz with balance the 3055 calibre.


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junghans electronic, dato-chron, ato-chron,

elgin electronic, mathey-tissot.

Market value: 30-150$ (brand, condition, box)

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