This is a later edition of the 1377 movement developed by Ronda in 1973. It was fitted to dozens of various middle and bottom-range brands such as this Ingersoll. The 1377 calibre must have been one of the first cheap quartz movements available for mass application by watch manufacturers that didn't need to join any expensive R&D institutions such as CEH. The construction is very simple but robust and well-made and included constant upgrades to the electronic circuitry - 4 generations are shown in the earlier Ronda review.




The electronic modules can be swapped in between all of these watches no matter the generation. Fortunately the baseplate remained practically unchanged and also the later editions have enough room to accomodate the larger first generation circuitry with additional hacking pin near the clutch. When fitting a different electronic module to the baseplate only make sure that the movement is not missing any screw holes as the screw layout for the circuitry in most generations is slightly different. That should not be a challenge for anybody :)


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Market value: 40-250$ (model, condition, box)

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