As of 1975 Hamilton started fitting Frontier USA modules just like the sibling Omega. A few versions were  produced somewhere until 1977 but the model pictured here is their most common QED = Quartz Electronic Digital. It was available (as far as I'm aware) only with the dot-display 1602 module (Fr2001) whereas the following model used an alphanumeric digit/date 1603 module (Fr2002 and 2003).  The case is thick and perfectly machined in goldfill or steel with a brushed finish and polished "frame" around the crystal with baked-on logo. The bracelet is the popular Admiral type that is screwed-on to the case as in many other watches of that period including Longines Gemini II. Spare links for these bracelets can be easily robbed from other watches as long as the pattern in the metal is suitable.


When removing batteries from these Omega/Hamilton modules you should try not to withdraw/bend the contact plates from the sides of the case. Although the hooks on the ends of the plates might  seem that they can be bent inwards and released upwards I suggest rather unscrewing the two screws in the center first. When inserting the plates back in you should first place the hooks in the case and then assemble the plate with the screw on the other end. Note! They take 301/386 batteries so do not attempt to fit 303/357!!! Hamilton and Omega used the same modules except for the plastic carriers which are black in the Hamilton and gray in the Omega which additionally where marked with a serial/calibre number plate (plaque).



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Market value: 50-300$ (condition, box)

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