A handful of Elgin mystery dials were produced at the end of the 1950's. This one presents the most common mystery dial technology of that era with a rotating hour dial and standard minute hand. The first example I have come across was branded with the top shelf Lord Elgin label (at 12 o'clock) and an anniversary note at six o'clock saying 1957. The name "Futur" is not my imagination but the real name for this model as seen in one eBay offer that presented a NOS set with box and tag saying Futur $59.99 :) a moderate price in those days considering the sought after cosmic design. PS. Elgin collector Doug Smith directed me to an old ad which used the Futura name while an identical white-painted bezel model was called Briarwood.



Early pieces were fitted with a standard 718 movement but this one has a rare 730 calibre with weird looking balance that is adjusted by moving a counterweight directly on the balance wheel (in comparison to a standard hairspring regulator). This movement is considered the best of all the 710 series...unfortunately one of the last made (approx. 1961/62) before the company went bust. Note the additional balance safety plate that secures the wheel and thus the pivot from shock. The hour chapter (index) ring is combined with the case and covered on top with a generic crystal. Hint: in case you need to change it - use a generic dome crystal with tension ring but trash the ring. The crystal  should fit without issues as long as the height will not interfere with the minute hand.


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(lord) elgin mystery dial, elgin futur, 730

Market value:

50-250$ (condition, movement type, box)



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