Early Citizen Quartz watches were trademarked with a nice "Crystron" name and used several different movements in a very short period of time. The model shown here must have been produced in different sites as it contains either a 73(00) or 85(65) calibres both from 1978. The 8656 with 4 jewels appears to be an earlier outdated variation although the same movement rebranded to 245 can be found in some Bulova Quartz watches of that same year and in some other American labels such as Elgin. Moreover the same movement as 246 without jewels and with slight modifications was used years later (in 1982) in the Bulova Thermatron. The close partnership between Bulova and Citizen is clear but for some reason the Thermatron was marked as Swiss Made. Comparison of both is shown below.



This 7300 calibre was designed a lot better and has a typical 1980's construction. It amazes me that many high-grade quartz movements nowadays look very similar. From the outside it is impossible to tell which calibre is fitted unless you check the product codes on the dial or caseback.






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Keywords: citizen crystron, citizen quartz

Market value: 25-75$ (version, condition)


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