Caravelle by Bulova was a lower-shelf brand giving economy customers more than good quality at affordable prices. Bulova watches were usually fitted with inhouse Swiss or US movements whereas most Caravelle watches were fitted with Citizen movements. Both companies had a trade relationship since the late 1950's as Japan was a low-cost labour country in those days and Citizen was a quality watch manufacturer. The cooperation must have been successfull as it was expanded by establishing  a joint-venture Bulova Citizen Watch Company in 1972. And... surprise... surprise as of year 2007 - Citizen acquired Bulova :))


As far as I'm aware Bulova never made nor used transistorized balance movement and only promoted their inhouse Accutron watches. In order to fill the gap for cheaper electric watches they launched the Caravelle Transistorized with the Citizen X8 Cosmotron 4830 calibre. Some Transistorized models can be found with the Swiss ESA9158 movement what can be differentiated with the proper Swiss or Japan print on the lower edge of the dials. Many plain round versions were available but this one is a rare huge version with green metalic dial. I would never expect such good 70's design from a Caravelle.... surprise :)


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Keywords: caravelle electronic, transistorized

Market value: 10-100$ (model, condition, box)

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