The 1977 Bulova Drivers 1-button (module 254) is a 2nd generation of the Sideview Computron.  The only differences from the 1976 (module 229) 2-button version are: a 6-digit display with  seconds and auto-setting feature that is activated by pressing the command button three times in a row. Several designs of the 254 type were made of which the most sought after is a full silver color model with chromeplated case and stainless bracelet.. The goldplated bar in the center of this two-tone version is applied with glue but rarely comes loose. A cooler version has this center bar made from the same red glass material as the display crystal and looks pretty impressive although is more vulnerable to wear. Compared below are all three generations of the Bulova Sideview.



The 229 (N6) and 254 (N7) are practically the same in size and shape so a 254 module can easily be transplanted into an N6/229 case. The same refers to the bracelet, caseback, gasket and yellow plastic carrier. The 6-digit display in the 254 has smaller diodes but the final display is enlarged with a plastic lense fitted to the display cavity in the case. Both modules have plastic display covers that can be removed to repair any missing wirebonds. If a display has a full digit or the same segment missing in all digits then repairs need to be performed on the wirebonds of the chip on the underside of the display substrate. Unfortunately such repairs are only possible on circuits that have been shielded with black plastic covers (as below) instead of being sealed with epoxy. The chip cover must be removed with extreme care not to mention removing the ceramic display substrate from the yellow plastic.


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Market value: 75-500$ (condition, box)

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