This weird looking Computron LED is commonly referred to as the "Sideview", "Wedge" or the "Trapezoid"  but most people just call it the "Drivers" watch. It's difficult to say if it really was designed for a driver who could view the time directly from the angled display without removing the wrist from the driving wheel. This was definitely a minor advantage as the driver still had to use his other wrist to push the command button :) The sun was a real enemy in the practical use of LED watches so in my opinion the sideview display was introduced to improve visibility as the display was shaded from direct sunlight.  Bulova was not alone with their sideview Computron as a few other manufacturers applied this concept to their watches of which the most popular is the Synchronar, Girard Perregaux Casquette and Mido Swissonic.



The cool design has made this Bulova one of the most collectible LED watches ever. The first edition from 1976 (N6) is referred to as the 2-button version as the later module 254 from 1977 only has 1-button. Both have two battery hatches that allow easy removal of 303/357 cells. The inside of the case is insulated on the bottom with transparent tape with polarity markings for the batteries. The battery hatches have fancy battery clips that provide proper connectivity with the case so if they are missing such watches might be incorrectly offered as non-working. "Sideview" modules are marked C.T.C. as they were subcontracted to a joint-venture called Computron Time Co. created by Bulova and Integrated Display Systems (founded by General Electric and Solid State Scientific Inc.) Note: buttons are fastened with tiny clamps so be careful when removing them as they like to travel  with the speed of light :)



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Market value: 75-500$ (condition, box)

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