The first ladies tuning fork was the 230 calibre also to be found in some slim mens watches with slightly enlarged baseplate. I find it the most simple of Accutrons with a round double-layer coil (as seen in many transistorized electrics) and a very plain tuning fork...but it hums like a Hummer :) I wonder if the size of the movement could be smaller if not for the battery.



The 230 calibre number indicates that it must have preceeded the 221 but  it does not always work that way. At least the construction is a lot simpler so they could have easily used this approach in the smallest 221 calibre. The 230 was also produced for the Universal Geneve "Unisonic" line and had a high-grade finish to nickelplated movement plates. These versions sell much, much higher.

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Keywords: bulova accutron, bulova 230

Market value: 25-200$ (mens or ladies, condition, box)

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