The Benrus TechniQuartz is an example of pure simplicity in the race for the early Quartz wristwatch. This just could not have been invented in a more simplified manner - a traditional Swiss ETA movement modified (gutted) properly to accomodate a nice and clean electronic module by Motorola of USA. If you compare this solution to other quartz ideas of those years you will only find complex and overengineered constructions. Benrus based in the US was a leader in importing Swiss movements so acquiring Motorola to this project must have been slightly easier than other Swiss+US cooperations like the Record-Golay µ-Quartz or Roamer Micro-Quartz.



The mechanical module clearly shows where the mainspring and balance would normally be fitted. If I come across the model number for the basecalibre I will update this review to make it easier to source spare mechanical parts (let me know if you already know :) The electronic module has been hand-assembled so swapping parts during repairs should be fairly easy. These watches are very reliable but the most common issue will be the huge quartz crystal which can be replaced with a modern tiny 32.768Hz tube. The stepping-motor and its small size seems a bit surprising as for the year 1972. The same goes for the remarkably small Motorola chip if you compare these components to other watches of that era, although the chip on this particular watch indicates 1973.


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Market value: 50-150$ (model, condition, box)

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